Nutrition Tips to Help You Through

by Malcolm Marshall Sept 8th, 2016

Nutrition Tips

  1. Food digestion starts in the mouth
  2. Eat your fiber
  3. 45-65% of your daily calories should be from carbs (Giving the glucose that the body needs)
  4. Good fats are important - NO: Transfat and Saturated Fat - YES: Mono Unsaturated and Poly UnSaturated
  5. Omega 3 fat- A great choice found in fish that fights coronary artery disease, irregular heart beats, helps lower blood pressure, decreases chances of cardiac arrest.
  6. Weight loss is simple formula but sometimes difficult to do. Its to use more energy than you absorb. What works for some will not work for others. Weight loss programs have to be created on an individual basis.
  7. Start an exercise program ASAP
  8. It takes your body 4-6 hours to digest food, so if you’re constantly eating fatty foods, you’re over eating your way into a life of obesity
  9. Always read the Nutritional Facts on the label to see what you’re consuming